The Gray Haven Project

We provide a safe place for victims of trafficking and take this issue across the U.S. to empower individuals to join the movement.


How We Give Life

We set out to accomplish two primary goals through The Gray Haven Project. The core passion of TGHP is to provide a safe place for victims of human trafficking to heal and find hope. Through our efforts we provide services in our drop-in center as well as through a comprehensive web of services that meet the unique and complex needs of trafficking victims. The mission behind our services, programs, and overall approach to case management is based on relationship and sensitivity to what victims are going through. The path to healing that most victims face is often dark and lonely and we work hard to provide a place where they feel safe, where their immediate needs are met, and where they are truly loved regardless of where they are in their journey. No matter how long it takes we’ll be there. Our services range from meeting basic health needs, clothing, food,  housing, counseling, job & life skills, literacy training, HIV/AIDS/STD testing & treatment, and art therapy. We provide care for minors and adults, both male and female. We are compelled by a foundation of love to sacrifice and lay down our own lives for the sake of those whose voice has been silenced.

Secondly, we are very intentional to take the issue of human trafficking to at-risk and vulnerable youth through local and national initiatives. Teens that have been abused, have low self-esteem, or are considering running away are at a higher risk. They have no idea what the risks are outside of their current experience. There are countless teens that are vulnerable in this way. A run away teen has a high chance of being lured into sex trafficking within days of running away and when they have no safe place to go their options are extremely limited. So, we set out to talk about human trafficking and how it’s relevant in their lives and in their peers lives. We talk with youth across the nation about this issue, connecting them with local and national resources as well as giving them the opportunity to join our efforts in raising awareness among their friends.


She was trafficked for three years in a brothel in another country. When someone finally helped her escape she came to the U.S. where she has no family and no place to call home. She’s now able to experience life as a teenager, she’s going to school, and hanging out with friends. The family she lives with is loving and nurturing. Her favorite color is pink and one day she wants to help other girls that have been through similar experiences.