Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness is a 24/7 rescue and help hotline for women in the sex industry in Atlanta. We help them leave the life and go to recovery.


How We Give Life

The life of prostitution and stripping is very harmful and degrading. The average age of entry into prostitution in the US is 12 years old, and they live an average of 7 years after entering. It is like a death sentence, and it is very misunderstood in our society.

We work to break down the stereotypes, help others understand the layers involved including childhood sexual abuse (which is very common in this population), running away from home, in trying to survive they often meet someone who seems trustworthy who then abuses that trust. It might be a girl like them, a boyfriend, anyone. Gradually they are broken down emotionally, sexually, physically, and often end up trapped.

We work with over 17 partner organizations involved in outreach to this group and restorative homes. These groups share our hotline number (404-941-6024). We have trained and screened volunteers who will answer their questions, assure them that we have the resources to help them, and then go and get them day or night. We take them to a safe home where they will spend several days before being transferred to a long term recovery program.

Out of Darkness is there to be the first point of contact for many who desperately need new life! We are the starting point for these precious women to find their good and pure purpose for which God created them!


For 5 years I was in the sex industry. It began the day my child’s father tried to break my neck. I grabbed my baby and started to walk to his Godmother’s house. On the way a pimp stopped to convince me to go with him. I cussed him out but he gave me a card. The next day I realized I had nowhere to go. I called the pimp and so began my road of destruction, a paved road to my grave. 

Over the years I kicked and screamed for help from friends and family. They would say “It’s a choice, if you want to stop then stop!” It just isn’t that easy for any of us. We need help, a support system, positive affirmations, encouragement. I don’t think anybody truly understands how emotionally and mentally damaging this lifestyle is. It’s a trap that’s very difficult to get away from. I was going to die in this whether a “client” or myself did it. In the past year I had SEVERAL melt-downs, I was LOST. It became unbearable.

One day I was crying hysterically. The thought crossed my mind Google it, see if there are people that help us! One lady talked to me for hours. She contacted someone in Georgia. A few hours later Jeff from OOD called me, asked me a couple of questions, then asked when I was ready to leave the lifestyle.

When I came back to Georgia I called Jeff. Anne from OOD, and someone from Princess Night came to get me. So began my new journey as I called it Operation Save Me From Myself. OOD left me with Princess Night.

I still saw Anne at least once a week. She kept in touch, she wanted to know my progress, got to know me, my likes, my talents, what I wanted from life. During some of our talks they helped me find the person I had lost a long time ago. During all this time of trying to “survive” I built walls around myself, boxed myself in. They brought me back to life with God’s graces. They would even tell me “Hey, you don’t have to be tough any more. It’s okay to cry.”

There’s not enough words or paper to express what OOD has done for me and continues to do for girls like me. They save our lives. They step in when nobody else will, they encourage, they love, they teach us we are somebody, they strip down walls we build. They broke chains and gave an incredible bond that can NEVER be replaced. They have so much to offer. There needs to be more reach-outs like Out of Darkness. They go above and beyond to provide, drop what they are doing, deny nobody help. They make us feel human again. They’re heroes even though they don’t want that label that’s what they are. I wouldn’t have made it this far without them. They mean the world to me!