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  • Jun 20, 2012
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Projects are Live!

We love opening doors for ministries to achieve their goals. And we love equipping individuals with the power to make BIG things happen for those ministries. So needless to say, we are thrilled about the Projects Season because it gives ministries the opportunity to present a project they need funding for while also allowing people like you and me to propel that vision forward through votes and donations.

From now until the end of the Projects Season, any donation over $5 automatically gives the recipient ministry a bunch of votes too. In other words, with the amount of money it would take to buy a burger and a drink at a fast food joint, you could be giving directly to a ministry while also providing them 7+ votes and the opportuntiy for your donation to be doubled by grant-matching.

Getting excited yet?

We hope so. Because the projects are now live and you can check them out by browsing projects.

If you haven't submitted a project yet and would like to, please fill out this form and we will let you know when you have been approved. If you are a 501c3 ministry and are brand new to Giving of Life, you can apply with your ministry and then once we have reviewed your initial application, you can apply with a specific project.

So what are you waiting for?

Head on over to the projects and check them out! And thanks for giving life!

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