True stories. Real people. Giving life.

There have been so many people involved in this season of grant-giving. From the voters to the donors to the ministries themselves, we could not be more thankful for everyone’s participation. This whole grant-giving process has been a huge blessing and we anticipate even more blessings to come in our brand new Projects Season, which we will be explaining in further detail very shortly.

Thanks to your votes, our generous donors, and all of our incredible ministries, we are pleased to announce the following ministries as the recipients of our $10,000 grants:

Somebody Cares for America

"We give life by ministering the love of Jesus in times of disaster. While meeting the need for physical preparedness before disaster and responding to areas affected by disaster, we ultimately seek to meet the core spiritual need for wholeness of Jesus Christ in each person’s life. Ours is a work not just of meeting short-term needs, but of bringing the long-term transformative power of Jesus to the arena of crisis and disaster relief and preparedness."

Jobs for Life

"We are a national non-profit organization that offers a unique solution to poverty and joblessness in communities and for individuals across the country. Jobs for Life equips churches and community organizations in over 180 cities with the materials they need to lead JfL classes, teaching men and women timeless biblical principles concerning work and the ways those principles are applied in the marketplace. With JfL, communities and businesses are transformed through the dignity of work."

Mission Waco/Mission World

"We provide over 15 programs to empower and serve the poor and marginalized, based on an empowerment model of ministry for over 20 years. Programs include job training, alcohol/drug treatment, homeless shelter, G.E.D. classes, social services, a free clinic, urban children and youth programs, economic development and a performing and visual arts program."

Shepherd’s Hope

"We began on March 3, 2009 as a food pantry on the south side of Chicago. Our vision was to bring light and hope into an impoverished and devastated community. Initially we served 60 families per week. Today over 550 families per week receive food during two 4-hour days or operation out of our 1000 square foot bungalow. In total we serve over 8,000 people per month. Thankfully, we have been able to maximize our donor contributions by acquiring food from the Greater Chicago Food Depository. In 2011 we provided 800,000 pounds of food to 25,000 guests at the pantry."


"We help support financially, and hands on with our own volunteer medical team, monthly medical clinics (stationary and mobile) in both areas of Tuni and Trichy, India, serving thousands of poor and oppressed people completely free of charge. This includes everything from malnutrition and skin rashes to cataract surgery and pharmacy needs in ages newborn on up. The ones that cannot reach us are either shuttled in to the stationary clinic or we go to them."

People for Care and Learning

"We care for the poor by combining training with opportunities that give the poor a working chance toward a brighter future. Our major project this year is through our Build A City campaign. This is a project based in Andong, Cambodia. We hope to give the people of Andong, Cambodia a better life through practical, hands-on training and by providing them with a more proper settlement."

Free for Life

"We meet the needs of trafficking survivors through financial, emotional and spiritual support in Tennessee and around the world. Partnering in recovering their humanity by helping them experience the unconditional love of the Lord through the selfless commitment of our partners globally."

Five Talents

"We establish microcredit and microsavings programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America among impoverished communities that banks and for-profit MFIs often ignore. We also organize literacy and financial education training for communities and work with the local Episcopal Church to ensure the communities have spiritual support."

Restoration Gateway

"We give life to orphans, both figuratively and literally, by providing the physical, emotional and mental necessities of life. Our orphanage currently houses 72 children and is growing. One day, 300 children will be cared for at Restoration Gateway in loving home environments. The orphanage is not a large institution, but rather 8 children fill each home, and are cared for by Ugandan House Parents or Moms. We have also built a Primary School for the children. We provide life because all of the food, clothes, shelter, and education they receive comes from Restoration Gateway."

Music for the Soul

"We use songs to touch on issues where people have guilt, shame, or deep pain – like addiction, abuse, disease, grief, etc. Through this, we are helping people “talk” about the things that have been kept secret. In so doing, we are helping to set them free from pain they have kept hidden and tried to carry alone."

Nathaniel’s Hope

"We are dedicated to cheer on kids with all types of special needs (VIP kids) and their families and pull along side them with practical support as they are on their journey. We are committed to educating and equipping the community with programs to be “Buddies” and provide friendship and practical assistance. Often these people have never been engaged with those with disabilities. All of our programs are provided FREE to our VIP friends."

Youth Missions International

"We are passionate about empowering young people to live and share their faith. Through our international ministry, we have learned that there is a void in countries outside the U.S. for training and equipping young people to do just that."


"We are an action sports ministry providing youth a safe, positive environment where they can belong, be introduced to Jesus Christ & be engaged in discipleship; integrating action sports with mentoring, small group Bible studies, camps, trips, and contests. Our vision is simple: To see youth in action sports culture become authentic, motivated disciples of Jesus Christ."

Wonderfully Made

"We share a message of freedom and worth to young women by offering community and mentorship, while extending hope to those struggling with issues such as depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders and promiscuity."

Thanks again to everyone who voted, donated, or works hard each day to make these ministries possible. If you are a ministry that is still in need of grant money, we have some awesome opportunities coming up in our brand new Projects Season. In this coming season, every single ministry has the opportunity to receive direct financial support for the first time - and that's just the beginning. You can sign up for more information about the Projects Season here.