Wonderfully Made

Wonderfully Made is dedicated to helping young women discover and strengthen their value and worth in Christ and live outward-focused lives.


How We Give Life

Through our growing number of college chapters (including Santa Clara University, Westmont College, Pepperdine and Point Loma), national conferences, team of speakers, and resources, it’s our desire to see our generation of girls rise up and live lives of lasting purpose, beauty and worth.

We share a message of freedom and worth to young women by offering community and mentorship, while extending hope to those struggling with issues such as depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders and promiscuity.

Women are proven world-changers and single-life influencers. Although young women in America are blessed with opportunities unlike ever before, they are having a hard time believing their value:

• Only 2 % of women describe themselves as beautiful
• Up to 20% of girls age 10-19 are experiencing episodes of major depression
• Roughly 1 in 3 women will have an abortion
• 1 in 4 will be sexually abused before the age of 18
• As many as 10 million girls and women are fighting a life and death battle with an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia
• In 2005, about one-tenth of all teenage girls tried to end their lives.
• The prevalence of self-injury among teenage girls and young women is rising dramatically
Unless the current generation of girls walks in their true value, they’ll never be able to effectively influence the world, their community or neighbors. If the U.S. wants to help solve the social and economic problems facing women both globally and locally, it is imperative we invest in the emotional health of our own girls. 

WM is a unique organization meeting an immense need – for Christ’s love to be demonstrated and communicated to young women in a way uniquely intended for their feminine heart.


I gave my life to the Lord the end of my senior year of high school. I had been raised Catholic, but I never internalized the Gospel, and didn’t understand or accept Christ’s love. God began to show me for the first time that I had been living for myself and not for Him, and as He drew me near, I made a commitment to pursue Him above all other things. When I went to college I began to pray for a community that would strengthen me in my new relationship with Christ.
I heard about Wonderfully Made at the club fair, but didn’t get involved until later. I remember reading the joyful, uplifting e-mails from the girls thinking about how nice they sounded. Winter quarter I began to attend, and within a few months I felt like I had known them forever.
What moved me was how much love, laughter, and joy was in our time together. I was overwhelmed with how different and authentic these friendships were, and how quickly they grew and deepened. One of the co-directors reached out to me, and invited me over to spend the day with her. I began to see that these girls really wanted to know me, and in developing friendships with them over the next few years, they were there for me through all the ups and downs of my college life. It was the first place where I could let down my guard, and be real about what was going on. One of the hardest trials I experienced was the death my best friend, and it was my WM sisters who were the biggest support through my suffering. They constantly checked in on me, brought me food, offered wisdom and encouragement, and pointed me back to Jesus. The selflessness of these girls was truly unmatched, and they have taught me a great deal about serving others.
Beyond the beautiful hearts, is the message and mission. There’s a foundation in the girls of knowing their value in Christ. In high school I had been insecure and self-centered, and I had sought my worth in anything but God. I thought because I didn’t have a boyfriend, that I was a failure. I longed to feel beautiful and ultimately loved, but God kept me from a relationship at that time. This took a toll on my confidence and I started to wonder what was wrong with me. Although on the outside I might have seemed like I was following God, because of my seemingly “moral” behavior, inside I was a mess. After realizing that God wanted to be the center of my life, I was convicted of how I had made guys an idol. Through WM I learned what I was worth, and that my value doesn’t come from what I look like, who I’m dating, my grades, etc. My value comes from what Christ did for me on the cross. That’s unchanging and dependable, and most importantly, it’s the truth!