Westside Pregnancy Clinic

WPC empowers individuals to make informed pregnancy and sexual health choices.


How We Give Life

Westside Pregnancy Clinic (WPC) has provided pregnancy and sexual health services to the greater West Los Angeles area since 1977.  Throughout its 35-year history, the vision and primary goal of WPC has remained to educate and support women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy, to prevent future unplanned pregnancies, and to encourage healing for those struggling with past pregnancy-related decisions.  WPC’s mission is to empower individuals to make informed pregnancy and sexual health choices.  WPC paints a picture of hope over the lives of the women and men who come through the clinic doors.

WPC operates the only medical clinics in West and South Los Angeles that specialize in presenting alternatives to abortion and preventing unplanned pregnancy through the promotion of sexual integrity.  WPC’s clinics and Resource and Support Center provide medical, mental health, educational and support services free of charge to women, men and families with children under the age of two.  Clients, partnering agencies and local political figures have indicated the agency’s success in helping individuals break the cycle of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and encouraging healthy futures.  In the words of a past WPC client: “You help people make choices they can live with.”

Los Angeles County is a vibrant metropolitan area that has an ethnically rich and economically varied population.  These cultural diversities not only distinguish Los Angeles from other cities, they also increase the risk of unintended pregnancy. WPC primarily serves minority and economically disadvantaged women, a population that has a higher incidence of unintended pregnancy and abortions. Nearly half of all pregnancies are unintended and four in ten of these result in an abortion.  While abortion reporting in California is not mandated, there were 15,445 Medi-Cal abortions performed in L.A. County in 2007 and an estimated 7,000 more privately funded.


“When I was 6 weeks pregnant, I was jobless, homeless, and sleeping on a friend’s couch.  I was considering abortion; however, what I needed right then was an ultrasound and the WPC website said I could get it free. As soon as I saw my daughter’s heartbeat on the monitor, I knew I had to keep her.  WPC explained what my options were.  They even helped me move into a local maternity home.  Before that, I didn’t even know maternity homes existed.

“I lived in the maternity home for a year and a half, and would visit WPC for counseling.  It was hard, but I got a job, and I was encouraged by both the home and WPC to go for my Masters degree. And here I am, I have a Master in Clinical Psychology!  Right now I work as a therapist and a life coach, and I’ve just opened the LA Center for Positive Change—a 2,000 square foot, non-profit center in Culver City.

“Without WPC my life would have taken a very different turn. Regardless of what you choose, WPC treats you with kindness and respect.  All they cared about was what I wanted and what I was hoping to be.  From the moment I walked in, the clinic changed my life and inspired me to go on. WPC helped me to save my life and the life of my daughter.”