Our degreed health professionals offer fitness and health education to underserved youth and their families in schools and communities.


How We Give Life

We educate, motivate and empower individuals, families and communities to develop healthy lifestyle habits. Our programs increase awareness, knowledge and offer support for behavior change. Through access to resources that would not otherwise be made available, we can prevent and reverse the trends of obesity in our underserved youth and adult populations.

The quality of life that is possible when health becomes a lifestyle is invaluable. Longevity, vitality, personal confidence and strength are just a few of the characteristics we strive to instill in our students. We want to become a catalyst for those with whom we work. We not only teach, but model the principles of health and wellness. We give energy, hope and a renewed sense of self to all our participants.

What is missing in health education for our youth is the expertise and knowledge of professionals in these fields. We rely on volunteers, physical education teachers or community champions who are not able to educate at the highest level on the topics of nutrition, proper fitness fundamentals and sustainable lifestyle changes. Our programs bring fitness professionals into the communities to increase the quality of education and instruction for those who are most at risk for overweight, obesity and poor lifestyle choices.

In our inaugural year of 2011, FIZEEK! grew exponentially. Starting in just one South Nashville Community Center, by the end of 2011 we had expanded to 3 additional sites. As of January 2012, we are giving life through health to over 200 youth and their families in four metro Nashville middle schools, and three community outreach centers each week. We provide ongoing health support, nutrition education and physical activity opportunities through after and before school programs. At Wright Middle School we run fitness programs from 8-8:30am before the school day begins. Students without bus transportation, who are left at school over an hour early can come inside and participate in a number of fitness activities. We have seen our number rise to over 55 youth each morning.

In November of 2011, we registered 75+ youth, parents and community leaders in Nashville Mayor Karl Dean’s 5K challenge. Seeing parents, youth and community leaders come together to engage in health and fitness makes our success carry on past what we can do during program hours. We want to provide opportunities for more parent and community involvement through educational demonstrations, fitness events and health forums.

Every dollar matters, every vote can allow us to change one more life and reach one more youth, family or community in need of essential health and fitness education.


“It was so gratifying to see the smiles on our kid’s faces and the many NAZA FIZEEK kids from Coleman and Martha O’Bryan running and walking! They had a ball! Our kid’s talked about how much fun they had at the 5k while we were taking them home. Parents that came with their kids even came up to me to say thank you! Tiffany, you are truly a champion and we are all lucky to work with you as we promote health and fitness amongst our middle school students!”

Stevon Neloms,
Coleman Community Center Director