Faithful and True of Jacksonville, FL

We minister to sexually broken men & their families thru support groups & offer resources to local counselors & 3 day intensives


How We Give Life

We provide resources to broken men through the ministry developed by Dr. Mark Laaser and our affiliate L.I.F.E. in Orlando.  Some of these resources are:

Provide a ‘hotline’ for newcomers to connect with us.

Support groups for sexually addicted men.

Support groups for their wives.

Support groups for couples (invitation only).

Exhaustive list of local counselors.

Information on 3 day intensives with Dr. Laaser.  These are for men, wives and couples along with contact information with Bethesda Workshops in Nashville.

Local telephone list of men who are actively participating in a Faithful and True support group.

Executive Director available for what we call “face-time”.  This usually includes prayer, listening and support for the man who suffers the most

Offer overnight Easter retreat each year to men for growth and reflection. Experienced s8xual addiction counselors have spoken to our men on 9 different occasions.

Sponsor a Celebration Steak cookout in the second or third Thursday of September.

We have nine mens meetings in the metro-Jacksonville area and started meetings in Brunswick, GA, Lake City, FL, Ocala, FL and Lynchburg, VA.

Faithful and True first started in 1997 as a non-corporate support group and grew over the years to a 501c3 ministry with a full-time Exec Director and Board of directors.


One of our men likes to tell the story of when he first met me (at Chik-fil-A) for the first time.  At that   meeting, I was the only friend he had.  His wife had just asked him to leave the house due to his obstinate -  sinful behavior.  Her friends & family supported her position due to the real danger he posed.  Everyone had abandoned him, or so it seemed. 

After a few weeks, he had attended several Faithful & True meetings which allowed him to lower his defenses and build trust with other men. His wife was so hurt and angry, she did not want to talk to him for many weeks.  He wanted to reach out and make amends, but I said, “It is far too early for that, but I believe you will get your chance.”  After he got some intensive counseling, his wife did reach out to him and 13 months later, he moved back into his home.

He is still attending meetings and going to counseling as he works on the pain of his past and makes amends with those he has harmed.