4H.I.M. AKA His Healing Helping Hands International Ministries

We provide the needed resources and support as a hand up, not a hand out with local leaders to reachout to their communities.


How We Give Life

We empower people to reach their fullest potential. We only provide the help they know they need, not the help we think they need.

It could be health care assistance as in primary care clinics or lifesaving surgeries and other medical interventions. We provide prosthetic limbs for amputees or mobility solutions for polio victims and amputees. It could mean digging a well and/or water systems in places where people get sick or die from dirty water. We provide a portion of the resources needed for a community through grants, so that they can build schools or churches. We actively seek out communities where establishing a micro-loan program or providing grants for small and medium enterprises can change the lives of hundreds if not thousands.

Our approach is not the same in any nation or community. Once we discover what is needed we go about a process of fund raising and networking to provide the best solutions without trying to reinvent the wheel.

We establish our help with the locals pastors and leaders connecting the people of the community with the church. We also provide pastoral training and evangelism training to those who need it.

Our ministry gives life though word, action, and tangible assistance. Our programs have a basic plan and strategy that has a beginning and end. Through our partnerships we make every attempt to establish self sustainability and the vision for growth and prosperity apart from our help always pointing to Christ as our source and theirs.


My name is Pastor James Adoukpo Mensanh Kossi. I was born on the 31st December 1951. I am Togolese, however my ancestors originated from Ghana a town called Anyako in the Volta Region of Ghana.

One faithful day which I will never forget, a white lady and a white man came to us in our bamboo house. The lady called my name “Pastor James”. I responded, but told her “I do not know you”. She agreed with me and later said in 2004 when the MV Anastasis was in Togo, she saw me working at the medical department and she had also attended the Lord’s Mission Church several times. She then introduced the man to me as her father Steve Hollingsworth. The miracle thing I saw was Leia’s father started crying with tears in his eyes. He went from our bamboo house for some few minutes.

His first words to me was “the Lord has told me to give you $100”. It was the first time I ever received a very huge money throughout my eight years of ministry. I became dumb and did not know what to say except “God bless you”.

Over time I shared with 4H.I.M. the suffering of the Katanga Fishing Village and showed the desparate condition of the community clinic. In 2005 the Lord brought many medical resources to the Katanga Clinic totaling over $3,700.

In 2006, the Lord used 4H.I.M. to help my family move out of our bamboo house to a concrete block house. My health and my wifes health had suffered greatly from all of the smoke created by the fish mongers smaking their fish.It was amazing as we did not ask the Lord for this. Our health is improved.

In 2007, God used 4H.I.M. to bless our church members and others in Katanga wih a Micro-loan fund of $3,700.Before everyone had to borrow at high interest to buy the fish, but unfortunately they do not get any profit after paying intereston their loans. Now our fish sellers make a profit because of the Micro-loan program from 4H.I.M.

In 2008 my oldest son Mawulolo needed open heart surgery in Ivory Coast. Mawulolo is a great help to me and all the Katanga Community. 4H.I.M. was able to raise the money needed to send Mawulolo to Ivory Coast to pay all expenses and daily treatments during his recovery. The total cost was $19,000 USD. If it were not for 4H.I.M. my oldest son would not be with us.

This year 2009, 4H.I.M. granted the Lords Mission Church matching funds grant of $9,000 to rebuild the church building which had been blown down in a storm.

My family, all my church, and the Katanga community wish a great blessing to 4H.I.M. and all donors who have the compassionate heart for us in Togo.

There are many more things 4H.I.M. has done. I cannot tell everything because it would take a book.

Thank you,

Pastor James Adoukpo Mensanh Kossi

The Project

Our Spring Chickens project is designed to supply the needed chicks for our new poultry operation in Togo.  In 2007, we established Kalaveria Primary School just outside a rural farming community near Badoughbe, which is 45 minutes east of the capital city of Lome’.

Unfortunately, the farmers in the area find it difficult to pay school fees to cover the costs of the school. Thus, the school requires subsidies from the our ministry. Our model is to create projects that are self-sustaining, so to make the school sustainable we are building a poultry operation.

We have secured two hectares of land adjacent to the school and are just finishing up the poultry barn.  We have introduced a drip irrigation system to help with the crops and will be digging three water wells complete with new hand pumps. We are also planting corn and other vegetables on the land and have successfully harvested one season of crops.

The poultry operation and growing of crops will be manned by the school faculty and the students. The poultry operation will allow the children to learn animal husbandry, irrigation, and better farming methods, along with getting their products to market. The school will receive 100% of the profits and the children will learn the skills needed to provide for their families when they are adults.

Project Impact

As we partner with local indigenous leaders we attempt to identify what THEY see as their goals and aspirations for their ministries. We then identify how we can empower them to become self-sustaining.

As we work through the process, our goal is to have a beginning and ending. When the local school leaders and students are established, we will step back and allow the leaders and students to “succeed” on their own. When we are comfortable with their progress we are free to find new ministry partners. Upon completion of the Spring Chickens Project, we will start the process with another partner and possibly another nation.

Relevance to Mission

The Spring Chickens Project is at the very heart of who we are. We see that there are basically three stages of ministry: Relief, Restoration, and Development.  All are important, but not all are always needed. Sometimes the physical needs so outweigh everything that we start with Relief, but our goal is always Restoration and Development. Whether we are addressing healthcare, food scarcity, education deficiencies, or spiritual darkness, we always look at empowering the local people and their leaders, which is why we are His Healing Helping Hands International Ministries (4H. I. M.).

How $2,000 Helps

If we receive a Giving of Life project grant, we would be able to complete the Kalaveria Poultry Operation Project, which in turn would empower the faculty, students, and families of the students to reach the goal of sustainability.

Specifically, we will combine the funds raised through the Giving of Life project Grant with other monies we are currently raising to purchase the chicks and the start-up grain supplies needed to assure the success of the start-up.

This money will be used to purchase 1,000 chicks and the needed start up feed grains.