True stories. Real people. Giving life.

Giving of Life was founded by two visionaries with a heart for transformation - Dan Maclellan and Russell Courtney of The SoulCare Project.

They started the unique web-based initiative in 2011 to revolutionize the way grassroots ministries grow and give life to the world-primarily by designing a hassle-free method for giving financial and promotional boosts to 5013C organizations.


In our first granting season, Giving of Life witnessed incredible interest and exposure. Over a six month period, we received 750+ applications and accepted 233 ministries. Then our voters chose their favorite 50. After that, our Committee selected 20 ministries and chose three of those 20 to receive the major grants. The top 20 ministries ministries stood out to us both for their incredible work and their sincere servants’ hearts. We are so proud of these ministries, in addition to all of the Giving of Life ministries, and we were thrilled to be able to bless them financially.

Giving of Life Report

We announced the following ministries as recipients of the three major grants:
Heartline Ministries – $50,000
The Simple Way – $20,000
Exile International - $10,000

The following 17 ministries are the recipients of the $2,000 grants:
Youth Missions International
God’s Littlest Angels
Josiah Venture
Children’s HopeChest
Hands and Feet Project
Women at Risk, International
The Mentoring Project
TentMaker Ministries
Sixty Feet
Daymark Pastoral Counseling
Christian Educators Outreach
Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ USA
Not this Girl
Wonderfully Made
The Chalmers Center for Economic Development
Music for the Soul

Watch the reactions as we surprise the top three grant recipients.



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2012 / 2013

During the 2012-2013 grant cycle Giving of Life transitioned to a crowd funding grant model. Every single approved Giving of Life ministry had the opportunity to receive financial support because any site visitor can donate directly to a project of their choice. To receive a grant, every ministry found one donor who would be willing to give $1K, $1,500, $2K, $2,500 or $3K. A donor's gift was made payable directly to the ministry and NOT Giving of Life. Then ministries tried to match their donor’s gift through a 60 day crowd funding initiative.

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2014 has been an exciting year because of the great news received. Giving of Life received its final approval from the IRS as a 501c3 organization.

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Since our first granting season began, Giving of Life has been dedicated to the discovery of true stories that lead to real people, and ultimately give life in the community. We affirm the wisdom of Maya Angelou who wrote, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” So we hope to cast the widest possible net into the community offering resources, retreats, workshops and weekly meetings targeting influencers and culture shapers.

In the days ahead, Giving of Life will be accomplishing this through two core intiatives, The SoulCare Project and Build Me a World.

The SoulCare Project provides intentional space for rest and communion with Christ. Our desire is to give these leaders a safe place to experience the quiet assurance of God's love without becoming over-worked, exhausted and burnt out by providing retreats or workshops where influencers and culture shapers have an opportunity to set aside their busy and productive life in order to listen for and hear God's voice through stillness.

Build Me a World; (1) connects professional poets, filmmakers, and creatives to our collective. (2) provides opportunities of positive self-expression through art and possible employment and (3) builds collaborative spaces for creative encounter (i.e. coffee house / poetry workshops / screen printing / recording studio)

Though many speculate the needs of influencers, statistics tell us the majority of Christian leaders are tired, overworked, exhausted, and too busy. The success of our ministry will be based upon our ability to convene our target audience, curate a team of seasoned practitioners, and create strategic environments for them to develop new patterns for living. We live in a fragmented world where people’s lives are splintering apart. Giving of Life is on the frontier of helping people to find that authentic Narrative that has been given to them since the beginning of time and helping them live that out.