True stories. Real people. Giving life.

Encourage.This year, we have created a way for you to encourage ministries that are serving others with more than just your vote. If you visit a ministry’s profile page, you will notice an area at the bottom left that says “Encourage this ministry.” Within that section, you can send them an email, Tweet, or post a message to Facebook that will give them props. So, please reach out to a few today!

Pray. God is the reason each of these ministries exists and He can do far more to bless and encourage them than we can! Pray that this process will be rewarding and valuable to every ministry and individual involved and that God will receive all of the glory.

Give. You can donate to Giving of Life itself by using the donate button at the bottom of the site or give to a specific ministry project. We hope to see ministries reach out to their broader audience asking them to participate in Giving of Life. And as a result, our hope is to have a larger number of people give donations amounting to your crowd-funding goal. Rather than ministries reaching their goal in a matter of minutes by having family, close friends, or even executive directors making a few simple payments of $200 (maximum gift amount allowed online), we desire to stay true to a crowd-funding model so that Giving of Life can continue to be a resource for many organizations who desire to grow their fan-base.

Share. We have created numerous ways you can share Giving of Life with others. From banners to badges, social media to blog posts, we want you to be well-equipped to spread the word about the amazing ministries participating in Giving of Life.

Get involved. Give life.