True stories. Real people. Giving life.

Giving of Life was founded by three visionaries with a heart for transformation—Dan Maclellan and Russell Courtney of The SoulCare Project, and Kerry Bural, principal and founder of The Resonate Group.

They started the unique web-based initiative in 2011 to revolutionize the way grassroots ministries grow and give life to the world—primarily by designing a hassle-free method for giving financial and promotional boosts to 501c3 organizations.

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Dan MacLellan

Dan is an enigma for the most part—but not always. As President of Cornerstone Enrollment Services and co-founder of The SoulCare Project with Russell, Dan’s passion for vision has led him in a few directions in his life. His active mind and engagement with people and ideas often find him doing, but he’s beginning to mature and enjoy the blessing of being in life as well.

In his work, he enjoys opportunities to dream, engage, and create—and that’s exactly what he’s done with Giving of Life. What started as a reflection exercise on a retreat led to some discussion with the co-founders and then to what you see here. He wanted to hear how others were giving life and help them, no strings attached or hoops to jump through, just real stories from real people giving life each and every day. That’s the goal.

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Kerry Bural

Kerry Bural is insane about helping ministries, churches and leaders gain momentum and enlarge their footprints. He’s the founder and principal of The Resonate Group, Inc., a strategic and creative brand development and advancement firm. Passionate about helping ministries resonate with those they’re trying to reach, Kerry blogs frequently at ResonateOrDie. You can connect with him via Twitter @ResonateOrDie, or @KerryBural or through Facebook. He and his wife, Deborah, reside in Tennessee with their three beautiful children.

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Russell Courtney

Russell is the spiritual mind behind The SoulCare Project, an organization that provides retreats for ministry and marketplace leaders. For the Giving of Life Grant, he’s filling a similar spiritual role by helping develop the philosophy that drives the grant.

After months of sharing life with Dan, the two wanted to hear how others were giving life in meaningful ways. Constantly seeking deeper meaning and purpose, Russell wants to hear what makes you who you are—no cookie cutter ideas that organizations sometimes have, just honest stories with real purpose.

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