True stories. Real people. Giving life.

What is Giving of Life trying to accomplish?

Giving of Life is meeting the following needs through its two core initiatives, The Soulcare Project and Build Me a World. We convene our target audience, curate a team of seasoned practitioners, and create strategic environments for them to develop new patterns for living in a fragmented world where people’s lives are splintering apart. We are on the frontier of helping people to find that authentic Narrative that has been given to them since the beginning of time and helping them live that out.

There are 3 common denominators of influencers and culture shapers we serve:

1) Internal Noise: Anger, Fear & Pain

2) Loneliness & Isolation: Alone in a crowded world while feeling abandoned by God

3) Identity: Shame of living in the false self.

Spiritual transformation is a slow and deliberate process, and people often resist the very thing they crave. There is a cultural addiction to the need to be needed and our target audience is increasingly being convinced of the value of slowing down to catch up. People are living disconnected from their true identity.

How does it work?

Giving of Life is dedicated to the discovery of true stories that lead to real people, and ultimately giving life in the community. We cast the widest possible net into the community offering resources, retreats, workshops and weekly meetings targeting influencers and culture shapers. We strategically place these at the doorstep of our target audience. This is accomplished by targeting two demographics; “Under 30” inner city young adults and “Over 30” Caregivers and Culture Shapers.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” -Maya Angelou

The SoulCare Project accomplishes this by providing intentional space for rest and communion with Christ. Our desire is to give these leaders a safe place to experience the quiet assurance of God's love without becoming over-worked, exhausted and burnt out by providing retreats or workshops where influencers and culture shapers have an opportunity to set aside their busy and productive life in order to listen for and hear God's voice through stillness.

Build Me a World accomplishes this by; (1) connecting professional poets, filmmakers, and creatives to our collective. (2) providing opportunities of positive self-expression through art and possible employment and (3) building collaborative spaces for creative encounter (i.e. coffee house / poetry workshops / screen printing / recording studio)

The Build Me A World art development process which

1) disassembles (deconstruct old story)

2) discovers (brainstorm new stories)

3) deliberates (choose new story)

4) deploys (practice new story).....that new, authentic regenerative story through critical dialogue meetings and creative prototyping hosted in our studio.

What does Giving of Life want to offer people along the way?

We will continue to increase the quality of our care. This is done through the deepening of retreat or workshop attendee responses. Specifically we will accomplish these outcomes three ways;

1) offering spiritual mentoring for those who are desiring and discerned to be ready

2) Developing and delivering soul care resources (i.e. journals, books, audio, exercises, referral base, formal soul care intensives)

3) carrying the soul care message to underdeveloped Christian communities.

Our theory is that we can shift culture through our continued concentrated focus on high capacity influencers and culture shapers in ministry and the marketplace. This is because they serve in key leveraging positions in the community.

Transformation is ultimately our goal, but we are aware that such an outcome does not take place because of our ability to provide wonderful retreats or workshops. Transformation is also a journey, one that often takes us in every direction both downward and upwards. Our growth in Christ is not a linear process, thus we feel our responsibility is to expose the retreat or workshop participants to an intentional created space for rest and communion with God. Gerald May, an author and psychologist states, “…spiritual growth… cannot be packaged, programmed or taught.  Although some new facts and representations may help us along the way, the essential process is one of transformation, not education.  It is, if anything, an unlearning process in which our old ways are cleansed, liberated, and redeemed.”


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