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Who can apply?

Any and all 501c3 Christian ministries with a valid IRS 990 form are eligible to apply. All applicants must reflect an annual budget of $5 million or less (total expense budget, not revenue). Churches are not eligible. Simply click here to get started.

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What’s New in 2013?

In 2013, we are presenting even more ways to encourage and financially support ministries that are giving life.

  • More than one “season” of Giving of Life to create new and unique ways for ministries to gain support this year
  • Our brand new Projects Season in which every ministry will have the opportunity to receive financial support
  • We gave away over $150,000 in our campaign seasons last year

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How do I vote?

It’s an easy, breezy, beautiful process. Browse through the applicants first, pick which one you want to support with your votes, then click vote. And this time, when you donate directly to a ministry, that ministry will receive a bunch of extra votes in the process.

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How can I get more votes?

Create an account and provide us with your Facebook and/or your Twitter handle. You can vote up to five times in this way:

  • One vote per IP address (automatically provided when you visit the site)
  • Two votes for creating a Giving of Life account
  • One vote for providing us with your Facebook URL
  • One vote for providing us with your Twitter handle
  • Donate directly to a ministry and receive a bunch of votes in the process

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When will the recipients be announced?

The Projects season will run from March to May 30th. Voting ends May 30th at 4 p.m. CST (5 p.m. EST). Recipient announcements will follow.

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So how do you determine which ministries receive a grant?

In the Projects Season, every single Giving of Life ministry has the opportunity to receive financial support because supporters can donate directly to their favorite ministries. As supporters donate directly to a ministry, that ministry receives votes in the process. The number of votes increases exponentially as the donation amount increases. The Top 50 ministries in votes will each receive a $1,000 grant plus they will also receive all of the money donated directly to them. Giving of Life team members review each project and reserve the right to approve and decline all projects that are submitted.

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What are the benefits for applicants who don’t receive a grant?

  • They’ll develop new relationships, partnerships, and networking opportunities
  • They’ll get free advertising and promotion through various social media outlets
  • They’ll gain a compilation of more supporters, advocates, and a larger overall fan base
  • They’ll gain ministry exposure and get to voice their passions at no cost

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How is this different from other grants?

We’ve engaged with a several ministry leaders who say there’s an incredible amount of pressure and anxiety (sometimes self-imposed) that comes with living up to donor expectations. So much so, that trying to meet specific metrics and ROI goals distracts from their original vision, day-to-day execution, and ministry purpose.

The approach to these grants is as simple as they come, which makes us feel a bit different (in a refreshing way). We don’t require you to provide metrics, give excessive strategies, hire a grant writer, or fill out stacks of forms. This is your chance to skip all the expected hubbub and just shoot straight with us. What makes your ministry tick? What’s your passion? Why do you do what you do? How are you giving life to others?

We want you to feel uplifted and encouraged in this application process. It should not be a heavy burden and we believe it will be worth your time. If you have suggested improvements, we’re all ears. We welcome your input. Just e-mail us at or fill out the feedback box, below.

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How can I support the ministries who have submitted?

So many ways!

1. Vote. Take this opportunity to cast your votes for ministries you care about. And then invite everyone you know to vote. And then invite them to invite everyone they know to vote. And then . . . okay, you get the point. That’s what you can do to get started.

2. Encourage. This year, we have created a way for you to encourage ministries that are serving others with more than just your vote. If you visit a ministry’s profile page, you will notice an area at the bottom left that says “Encourage this ministry.” Within that section, you can send them an email, Tweet, or post a message to Facebook that will give them props. So, please reach out to a few today!

3. Pray. God is the reason each of these ministries exists and He can do far more to bless and encourage them than we can! Pray that this process will be rewarding and valuable to every ministry and individual involved and that God will receive all of the glory.

4. Donate. You can donate to Giving of Life itself by using the donate button at the bottom of the site or give to a specific ministry and give them more votes in the process. We hope to see ministries reach out to their broader audience asking them to participate in Giving of Life. And as a result, our hope is to have a larger number of people give donations amounting to your crowd-funding goal. Rather than ministries reaching there goal in a matter of minutes by having family, close friends, or even executive directors making  a few simple payments of $200 (maximum gift amount allowed online), we desire to stay true to a crowd-funding model so that Giving of Life can continue to be a resource for many organizations who desire to grow their fan-base. 

5. Share. In our Get Involved section, we have created numerous ways you can share Giving of Life with others. From banners to badges, social media to blog posts, we want you to be well-equipped to spread the word about the amazing ministries participating in Giving of Life.

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What do these grants have to do with the Soulcare Project?

The SoulCare Project helps leaders step out of the chaos of life, temporarily disengage from the busyness of their work, focus on Jesus and what He’s trying to do and say—and find rest and refreshment for the heart. The Giving of Life Grant is an opportunity to take that message further by eliminating some of the red tape ministries are subjected to during a traditional grant application and award process. We want to make it simple for them to apply for the support they need.

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What do these grants have to do with The Resonate Group®?

ResonateSM helps ministries develop innovative brands that resonate through strategic and creative thinking, branding, and communications. Our desire has always been serve ministries for free and provide them with the clarity, tools, and support they need to grow and expand their footprint. Giving of Life is one way we are attempting to pour value into ministries for the sake of the gospel.

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Media requests

To request an interview with the Giving of Life founders or for more information, please contact us at (914) 357-4483 or e-mail