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In this unique Projects Season, there are a few ways that you can give back to the Giving of Life ministries. You can either support a ministry project, which means you can give directly to a ministry. As you give to a ministry project, you also receive extra votes to go towards that ministry, which increase at an exponential rate based on the donation amount. You can also co-sponsor a grant, which means that you will be able to help award one or more of the 50 grants awarded by Giving of Life at the end of the Projects Season for those ministries who have the most votes at that point. Finally, you can support Giving of Life directly and assist in the overall process of bringing life and hope to all of the ministries Giving of Life is able to support. We are so grateful for all of your support and know that these ministries are so thankful for you as well.

Thanks for giving life!

Browse these sweet projects and give directly to one of these causes. These ministries are doing some incredible work and they need YOUR help to make some of these dreams a reality. Help support them by visiting their project pages and donating today.


At the end of this season, up to $1,000 matching grants will be awarded to the 50 ministries with the most votes. If you want to help make this possible, please sign up to co-sponsor one or more of these grants.


If you are encouraged by Giving of Life and want to directly support our mission and ministry, you have the opportunity to donate directly. Your donation will help enable Giving of Life to move forward and continue to empower so many ministries and individuals to give and receive and rejoice in doing ministry together.