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BMW Community Studio

By Build Me a World

You have heard the old stories about the inner city. They are endlessly detailed in news reports and funerals.

Fancy Rhino released the Build Me a World documentary, last year to citywide acclaim, chronicling the lives of the Howard School students in Chattanooga, the first black public school in the South: a story of pain, struggle, disappointment, frustration and glimmer of hope. 

The BMW movement, in response to the film, is committed to using the old material, redeeming that story and creating new stories in the lives of the same inner city youth. 

It’s now time to create the new ones, stories of hope, redemption and leadership.

The proposed project is a community studio in the heart of the city, two blocks away from the public library, equipped with a state of the art recording suite, both video and audio, trained facilitators in digital story telling process, all co-located in the Fancy Rhino downtown design studios.

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