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What’s Next?

Last year we were thrilled to give away $114,000 to ministries. Since then, God has expanded our vision and multiplied our resources and we are about to award $150,000 to ministries in the first season of Giving of Life 2012.

Since February, votes have been pouring in for hundreds of ministries in 14 categories. Yesterday, voting closed and the Top 5 ministries in each category were announced. We are stoked to brag on those ministries  and want to share their stories with you.

Between now and June 4  (Coming soon!), our donors and founders will be prayerfully considering which ministry of the five in each category will be receiving a $10,000 grant. This is a big and difficult decision because all of the Giving of Life ministries - regardless of number of votes - are engaged in such eternally-impactful service, and we are so thankful for each individual involved in each ministry.

We are so grateful for everyone who has been voting and pulling for their favorite ministries. In these next couple of weeks, though the buzz of voting has died down, there are some important conversations that will be happening at Giving of Life.

If you want to continue to be involved in encouraging and giving life during this time, please begin encouraging the ministries that have participated to fill out the Projects Questionnaire that they received this past week. Filling this out will make them eligible to receive grants in the Projects Season that is coming soon!

We are so blessed to be connected to each of you and look forward to continuing in this adventure of giving life with you!

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