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BIG Announcement Day!

We are SO pumped to tell you all about the recipients of the $10,000 grants that we are bursting at the seams! But so are you. So let's get to it.

If you want to know who the recipients of our $10,000 grants are, all you have to do is visit the Recipients page.

We have had such an incredible experience interacting with some amazing individuals and ministries in these past few months and have loved watching the number of ministries in each campaign category grow. We are so proud of those working hard to make every ministry possible and want to share our appreciation and gratitude with you all. It takes a lot of people to make this happen. We want to thank our voters, our ministries, and our generous donors for making these grants possible.

With this post, we really want to emphasize the heart and generosity of the donors that gave up tens of thousands of dollars to support life-change. Special thanks goes to Gary & Susan, the Lee Company, and Jackson Healthcare. Thank you also to all of the donors who wish to remain anonymous. We are so grateful for your desire to see ministries supported and encouraged through Giving of Life.

We encourage you to check out the information we have up about our soon-to-begin Projects Season which is loaded with opportunities for ministries to receive votes and funding. And, for the first time at Giving of Life, every single ministry will be able to receive financial support . . . and that' s just the beginning!

Thanks so much for being a part of this amazing experience. To help celebrate, be sure to visit the profile pages of the grant recipients to send them some encouragement.

Keep giving life!

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